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Adhesives and Sealants

When your application requires an adhesive, we will be ready to answer the call. Our catalog includes both structural and non-structural adhesives, as well as Loctite's entire industrial adhesive dispensing equipment portfolio. In fact, Thomco is the only Loctite Authorized Showroom Distributor in the state of Georgia. If you would like to test the latest dispensing technologies, just give us a call and schedule a Loctite Showroom tour.

We really know our adhesives and we would love to help you with your challenge. We will evaluate your application and offer the right product at the right price. With the adhesive experts at Thomco in your corner, you can't go wrong.

2-Part Adhesives

2-Part adhesives consist of a resin and a hardener. When combined, a chemical reaction occurs and the glue immediately begins the curing process. These types of adhesives form extremely strong bonds, capable of achieving structural strength.

There are 3 main chemistries used to manufacture 2-part structural adhesives: MMA, Epoxy, and Urethane. Each chemistry has specific benefits and drawbacks, and thus, it is very important to choose the proper chemistry to fit the substrates being bonded and the environment the glue will be exposed to.

Thomco's 2-Part Adhesive Options

We offer the full line of industrial 2-part adhesives from 3M and Loctite, and can source alternative suppliers for 2-part adhesives if you have one in mind.

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UV Cure Adhesives

UV cure adhesives are a unique type of glue that is specially formulated to cure only when exposed to UV light. These adhesives are commonly used in medical device manufacturing because they form an extremely strong bond and cure crystal clear.

Another advantage to UV cure adhesives is that they allow for repositioning prior to making the bond. With UV cure adhesives, there is no time limit because the glue is not tacky upon application, thus, you can apply the glue and set your substrates exactly as you want them positioned before initiating the cure. Once the glue is exposed to the UV light, the cure is instant, making high volume production very efficient.

Thomco's UV Cure Adhesive Options

As a premier distributor partner to Loctite, Thomco offers the full line of Loctite UV adhesives and UV curing equipment. If you would like to test UV curing equipment, Thomco's Loctite Equipment Showroom is an excellent resource. You can stop by anytime or we will ship you a piece of equipment for trial.

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Instant Adhesives

Instant adhesives go many names. You may see them referred to by their chemical composition - cyanoacrylates - or more commonly by their household name - super glues. Regardless of what you call them, they are one-in-the-same. Instant adhesives provide just what the name implies: an instant bond.

Instant adhesives can be formulated to be very thin, low-viscosity products or thick gels. They bond a variety substrates, but are not well-suited for porous materials like wood, fabric, or foam. Some formulations can be toughened to provide better vibration resistance, but as a whole, instant adhesives are generally brittle and should not be used in high-impact applications. That said, instant adhesives are an excellent choice for a quick, strong bond that gives you immediate handling strength.

Thomco's Instant Adhesive Options

We stock the most popular instant adhesives from Loctite and 3M and other leading manufacturers. Whether you need a general industrial formulation or a medical-grade adhesive, we have an option for you.

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Spray Adhesives

Thomco stocks a variety of spray adhesives in aerosol can form or bulk cylinder form. Spray adhesives are an excellent choice for a quick application of glue and with many varieties to choose from, we have a spray adhesive that is formulated specifically for your substrates.

If you need bulk options, we carry the 3M line of bulk adhesive cylinders and spray equipment, such as hoses and applicator triggers. We can even help you integrate automated spray systems into your production line. Contact us to schedule a demo with the Thomco and 3M adhesive experts and let us get to work on your application today.

Thomco's Spray Adhesive Options

Whether you need an aerosol can for a small job or for multiple stations, or a bulk adhesive cylinder for large-scale production, Thomco has the spray solution you're looking for.

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Sealants come in multiple forms and are manufactured using several types of chemical compositions. Gels, liquids, and pastes are common forms and silicone, polyurethane, and elastomers are just some of the chemical makeups of industrial sealants.

Some sealants even double as adhesives, and are capable of forming a stable bond between substrates, while others would require a secondary fixture method. Choosing the proper form and makeup is essential to ensure the success of the seal. Let the experts at Thomco work with you to determine the right sealant for your parts.

Thomco's Sealant Options

Choose from a variety of sealant compositions such as silicones, polyurethanes, and acrylics from leading manufacturers such as 3M, Loctite, and Boss.

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