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Protective Films

Protective films can be classified as either temporary or permanent, and at Thomco, we have options for both. Temporary surface protection films are made with a low-tack adhesive designed to remove easily. The adhesive must be the correct tack and chemistry for your substrates and your application to avoid adhesive residue being left behind on your parts after the film is removed.

We will do an evaluation of your substrates and your application, send samples of your materials to a lab for testing, and recommend several film options that are a match for you, all at no cost. Then, we will provide samples of the recommendations for you to test.

This process ensures your film will perform in the field and you will not have to worry about problems down the road. If you need a protective solution, don't just buy a film off the shelf from a distributor. Work with the experts at Thomco for a full evaluation and recommendation that is a perfect fit for you.