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Fastening Systems

When you need a bond that can be repeatedly opened and closed, you need a reclosable fastening system. Thomco carries multiple varieties of hook & loop materials in various colors, widths, and thicknesses. Hook & loop systems can come with an adhesive backing or adhesive-free for sew-on applications.

We also offer 3M's Dual Lock family, which utilizes interlocking mushroom-shaped stems to provide a heavy-duty reclosable fastening method that still allows for easy opening when you're ready.

Both hook & loop and Dual Lock can be die cut to custom shapes and sizes, or laminated to other materials to create custom components with reclosable features. Work with us today for your reclosable fastening system needs.

Thomco's Fastening System Options

We offer the full line of hook & loop and Dual Lock fasteners from 3M, Halco, and WBC and we can die cut any hook & loop material to the shape or size you require if your application calls for something customized.

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