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Electronics Bonding Solutions

Electronics continue to become more integrated into our daily lives, and as they do, innovations in electronic manufacturing move fast. Thomco is on the cutting edge of electronics assembly solutions because of our partnership with premier vendors in the electronics market. As a certified Loctite Equipment Showroom Distributor, we have access to the latest optically clear adhesive technologies used in electronic panel display assembly.

We also partner closely with 3M and other leading electronics materials vendors, and our converting capabilities allow us to die or laser cut electronic display films, thermal management materials, and bonding tapes. For your electronic assembly needs, Thomco has the materials and the converting capabilities to keep you on the forefront of innovation.

Bonding and Assembly Solutions

Our electronic tape and adhesive solutions make us an excellent partner to electronics manufacturers. From optically clear bonding tapes and liquid adhesives, to potting adhesives and thermal management solutions, we have the materials and capabilities to serve your needs.

When converted parts are needed, our many cutting capabilities allow us to offer the optimal converting method for your application. Or, stop by our Loctite Equipment Showroom and test the latest technologies in UV/light cure and automatic or semi-automatic glue dispensing. Nobody serves your electronic assembly needs as completely as Thomco.

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Display and Protection Solutions

Today's screens and devices are offering a visual experience like never before thanks to advances in material science. Thomco stays on the cutting edge by offering the latest technologies in display enhancement films so your screens can shine bright with crystal clear resolution.

For external protection, Thomco has solutions in many forms for both short-term and long-term screen protection, allowing you to offer your customers the quality they demand. Work with us today for all of your display enhancement needs.

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