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Packaging Supplies

We aim to be a valuable resource for your business, which is why we offer packaging materials and supplies in addition to our core business offerings. It may not surprise you that we sell packaging tapes, but did you know we also offer packing list envelopes, blank thermal transfer labels, thermal transfer ink ribbons, and tape dispensers?

If you are looking to consolidate suppliers, ask for a quote for your packaging supplies and utilize us a multi-solution provider.

Packaging Tapes

We offer a vast selection of packaging tapes from 3M and other manufacturers in various widths, thicknesses, adhesive makeups, colors, and roll lengths, and we also have specialty packaging tape solutions such as water activated tapes.

From economy-grade to premium packaging tapes, we have it covered and can help you select the right tape for your packaging applications.

Thomco's Packaging Tape Options

We offer many different packaging tape styles from multiple manufacturers including 3M, Tesa, ATP Miami, Shurtape, and more.

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Labels & Ink Ribbons

Thomco is a label printer, but we also sell blank thermal transfer labels, ink ribbons, and direct thermal labels. You're not confined to a standard size thanks to our die cutting capabilities, so if you need a custom size or shape for your blank labels, we can do that.

Our ink ribbon selection features the full portfolio of ARMOUR-IIMAK, and thus we have a ribbon option for every challenge. From economical wax ribbons for paper label stock to high-grade resin ribbons for film label stocks and harsh environments, Thomco is your ink ribbon source.

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Miscellaneous Supplies

Thomco offers miscellaneous packaging supplies like tape dispenser guns and packaging envelopes. In some cases, we can source other miscellaneous packaging items to suit your needs, such as shrink-wrap films, packing papers, and bubble wrap.

If it makes sense for your business to consolidate suppliers, consider Thomco as a source for your miscellaneous packaging supplies.

Thomco's Tape Dispensers and Packing List Envelopes

While we are not a packaging house, we aim to serve our customers in as many ways as possible. That's why we offer miscellaneous packaging supplies like tape dispensers and packing list envelopes, and you can always ask us to source other packing supplies as well.

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Click the product categories below to view some of our most popular tape dispensers and packing list envelopes.