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Appliance Bonding Solutions

Thomco's portfolio of material solutions help increase energy efficiency for appliances and our die cutting capabilities allow us to produce parts that decrease production bottlenecks and simplify the assembly process. We have the solutions for your bonding, sealing, and surface protection needs. But it doesn't stop there.

With the rise in smart appliance demand, manufacturers are faced with new bonding challenges. Our diverse selection of thin bonding tapes, heat management materials, and reflective materials bring touch screen displays to life and create invisible bond lines and allow for a sleek, sophisticated design. Partner with Thomco today for all of your appliance assembly and protection needs.

Assembly Solutions

Our range of acrylic foam tapes, double-coated film tapes, and foam materials help reduce appliance weight and speed up assembly times on the production line. Whether you need standard rolls or die cut tape, gaskets, or insulative parts, Thomco has a solution for your challenge.

Because of our diversity, we are a single-source for all bonding, gasketing, insulating, labeling, and protecting needs. We have a history of performance in the appliance market and understand your challenges. Let our appliance solutions experts take a look at your application today.

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Protective Solutions

Thomco's protective solutions are with you all the way, from the front of the production line to the installation in the end-user's home. We offer protective films that prevent scratches and scuffs and remove cleanly, and our strapping tapes hold shelving and other interior components in place during transport.

Whether you need to protect stainless steel, powder-coated paint, or a display screen, we have the protective materials to match the application.

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