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General Manufacturing Bonding Solutions

At Thomco, we take pride in helping our customers select and apply the correct bonding solutions for each unique application. We've been making things stick for 40 years and our dedicated team of outside sales reps, inside sales reps, customer support reps, engineers, and machine operators put you, the customer, first and foremost every day.

We will help you determine the best product for your bond, choosing from a huge selection of liquid adhesives, tapes, sealants, or hook & loop fasteners. Because we are also a converter, we can offer custom die cut components and labels to reduce your reliance on multiple suppliers. Thomco is your source for all things bonding and assembly.

Bonding, Assembly, & Surface Protection Solutions

Thomco is your full service provider for anything that needs to stick. We offer tapes, adhesives, sealants, and hook & loop fasteners in all shapes and sizes. We will work with you to learn about your application, the substrates you need to bond, and the environmental conditions the bond will be exposed to.

We can also help you protect your parts with our protective films and masking tape offerings. Choosing the right material is important to prevent easy and clean removal with no adhesive residue left behind on your part. Trust our 40 years of experience to make your application stick (or remove) perfectly.

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Die Cut Parts & Label Solutions

Our solutions go deeper than off-the-shelf items, because sometimes you need something different than the standard stock product. For situations where customization is required, you can count on Thomco's converting division to solve your challenges - without having to source materials from multiple suppliers.

We have many converting methods to serve your cutting, slitting, laminating, & printing needs. And we make doing business with us easy with our rapid prototyping and sampling capabilities.

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